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# pub
[Panel 1]
Strong drink.

Got some mead-brandy I
hid from your madrigal
circle last week?

Why this sudden
alcoholic urge?

Mice. Well, mouse.

[Panel 2]
[size 14]

Not HERE, Mandi, you can
get off the bar stool.

Are you telling me
Camille and Beatrice
didn't see it off?

Where is it?

In the Regent's Park. I
reckoned that was far enough
for it not to come back.

[Panel 3]
So you caught it?

Yes. Well, the cat
wasn't going to. I think
they've bribed her.

It all gets too much.
There were the weevils...

[Panel 4]
And the hornet...

And TWO queen wasps...

I told you to get a pig.
They will eat anything.

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