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[Panel 1]
What was all that
clattering earlier?

The bank's sending me to Paris
tomorrow, so I need to leave some
of my usual kit behind.

[style octagon]
[textcolour orange3]
It's late and we're all tired...

[Panel 2]
Oh, right, they
still object to knives
and screwdrivers...

...and pliers, forceps,
saw blades, Leatherman,
security bits...

...let's just say
'Cylon infiltrators'
again and go home.

[Panel 3]
...crimp tool, bolt cutter,
fifty feet of cat5 cable,
vaguely sharp toothpicks...

You carry all that just
to keep the machines running?

Next, on
CSI: Galactica.

[Panel 4]
And to discourage silly

Like "why could I hear
you jingling from all the
way down the hall"?

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