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6 November 2016

600 strips. More than ten years. What a Monster we have Made, etc.

10 April 2016

We're still here.

We just haven't had any news for a bit, except "here is this week's strip".

Look! Elvis!

21 February 2010

250 strips? That can't be right! Gosh.

(The Random Jewelled Beetle says "Coo".)

14 February 2010

We do not allow our schedule to be broken merely because the main server has gone foom. If you cannot see this, update your DNS. Or something.

19 October 2007

XH558 went up again yesterday. The Firedrake celebrates. They need more money to keep her flying.

19 July 2007

Alas! We missed a strip!

Actually there was a contention problem with the rclock-job that uploads new comics, and the Firedrake was away from the server. At this point it seems not worth uploading the strip; it will go up this coming Sunday instead.

The Beetle says "That'll teach him to go to Finland" and grins evilly.

8 April 2007

We seem to have made it to a hundred strips. Gosh.

Never thought we'd end up centenarians...

4 June 2006

First anniversary. We've been doing this for a year (as of tomorrow). Gosh. The Insect Associate adds: "Doesn't time beetle when you're having fun?"

I've added a wardrobe page to the site with close-up images of t-shirts, and put the scripts onto the archive pages in text form to make it easier for people to find particular strips.

16 April 2006

The Management are out hunting wildebeeste. Or eggs, we're not really sure which. Which are the ones with the six-inch poison-dripping fangs, again?

12 March 2006

What's going on?

There was an intercalary strip on Monday 6 March. If you don't check the comic very often, you may have missed either that or the regular strip on Sunday 5 March. They're both in the archives.

23 February 2006

The Firedrake is planning to turn up at the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2006 on 11 March - as a normal punter, not as an exhibitor. If he does, he will wear a badge that says "Laager and Limehouse". He does not look like Nils but he does have similar taste in beer.

6 January 2006

Your Christmas Greeting has now been terminated. This strip does not wish to incur ill-fortune by leaving Christmas decorations in place after midnight on Twelfth Night.

25 December 2005

The Firedrake would like to wish all his readers a Happy Newton's Birthday (not to mention those of Dorothy Wordsworth, Clara Barton, Robert Ripley, Humphrey Bogart and Cab Calloway). In the War on Christmas, the Firedrake is a conscientious objector.

The Unregenerate Insect Associate wishes it to be known that Christmas trees make very good eating, and is therefore in favour of Christmas.

5 September 2005

I'm proud to announce that Firefox is the most popular web browser used to view this site, with Internet Exploder a very distant second. This is further evidence that Laager and Limehouse fans are discerning, intelligent, and sexually irresistible.

6 July 2005

My first Topical Insert. I'm so proud. (Sniff.)

I don't plan to do these often. Normal service will be resumed on Sunday.

6 June 2005

By request, we now have an RSS feed:

5 June 2005

Welcome to Laager and Limehouse, a weekly comic strip by the Firedrake (and a Random Jewelled Beetle from the Hoard).

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