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Principal Characters


Bell (formally known as Belladonna) rented a room from Nils until she won the lottery, at which point she bought half the house. She has just taken over running The White Rose, a nearby pub. She tries not to let her gothic tendencies get in the way of her life.


Elizabeth is a friend of Bell's who works at the University of London Library. She reads a lot. She's renting a room from Bell and Nils. Caution: attempting to understand Elizabeth's mutterings may be hazardous to your sanity.


Nils is a sysadmin at MegaGloboBank who owns half a house in Limehouse. Nils is originally from Durban, and did a stint in the South African Army before coming to live in England.

Other denizens of the flat


Younger Camembert

Description: Sentient[?]

Name: Beatrice

Status: Query,Lodger/Query,Lunch


Elder Camembert

Description: Sentient[?]

Name: Camille

Status: Query,Lodger/Query,Lunch


Description: unofficial, English, flatfaced.

Name: Blackmalkin

Name: Oiyougerroutovere

Name: [unavailable]

Status: Definitely non-resident. No, really.

Putative mouse, or mice

It is unlikely that the presence or absence of this character or characters can be readily established. Though occasionally noisy, mice tend to happen too fast for accurate observation.



Derek was Nils' boss at MegaGloboBank. He still considered himself "one of the lads", though he never really was.


Ginny is one of Nils' cow-orkers at MegaGloboBank. She cooks to extremes, and is no mean dietician, but has little patience for culinary frills.


Jaakko is one of Nils' cow-orkers at MegaGloboBank. He comes originally from Kuusamo, in Northern Ostrobothnia. He rides a bicycle and is an anime fan, generally not indulging both hobbies at the same time.


Yves is a sysadmin, Nils' counterpart at the Paris office of MegaGloboBank. He's somewhat stressed.

The White Rose


A regular at The White Rose. Extremely good at darts, which is somewhat irrelevant as the pub has no dartboard.


A carpenter by trade; friend of Elizabeth and, by association with the White Rose, of Bell.


New bar staff at the White Rose, which is probably the nicest place she's worked at.


Caz's boyfriend, an electrician.


Mandi doesn't talk very much and almost never wisecracks, unlike almost everyone else. Steve liked her because she doesn't talk very much and almost never wisecracks.


Robin was Bell's squeeze, whom she met at a mediaeval banquet she was helping Ginny to serve.


Steve was the landlord at The White Rose. After leaving the forces, he achieved every sergeant's dream by taking over a London pub. He found the ordinary customer less organised than the average squaddie, but only just. He has now handed over the White Rose to Bell.

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