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[Panel 1]
The only thing is, I'd
rather not do a standing order
or whatever, I don't trust
my bank to get it right.

I don't mind cash.
In fact, I prefer it.

I thought you just said
your whole job's about
imaginary money... Don't
you work in banking?

Yes. That's WHY I prefer cash.

[Panel 2]
OK. Will Sterling do?

Unless you can get hold
of Krugerrands...

How about cowrie shells?

Nice stable currency but it
takes up rather a lot of space.

Speaking of space, which
room would you like?

[Panel 3]
Well, the one with the
long outside wall has plenty
of room for bookshelves.

The one over mine? Fine by me,
as long as you read quietly.

Great! I can get the rest
of my books out of storage!

Um.... how MANY books?

[Panel 4]
Heavens, I don't know. I gave
up counting them years ago.

You measure them by the
yard of shelf-space?

These days it's more
like the hundredweight.

Coffee by the hundredweight, did
you say? I think we may need it.

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