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[Panel 1]
My bedside phone's not working.

Oh, right. I upgraded
the server. Just reboot
it, it'll be fine.

Also, why do I have a bedside phone
that wasn't there last night?

[Panel 2]
Alarm clock.

I don't need
alarm clock.

Our neighbours complained
about your old one ringing
and ringing all afternoon.

[Panel 3]
Well, they're just too sensitive.

Old Mr Thing hasn't
changed the batteries
in his hearing
aid this century.

Even if this is true, which it
isn't, how does having some
phone that you reboot help me?

[Panel 4]
If you don't answer it
in thirty seconds, the
server can do something
else to wake you.

Flash some lights?

Fire up the slaughterbot
to hoover at you until you
come out and turn it off.

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