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[Panel 1]
So that's another Essen gone by.

I didn't notice.

That's the problem. I mean,
they did their online thing,
but what's the point?

Well, Essen is about trying games
and then buying them, so…?

[Panel 2]
Essen is about being with
hundreds of thousands
of people who basically
agree with you that
Games Are Good Things.

And eating things that end
in -wurst and drinking
things that end in -bier.

AND buying games.

[Panel 3]
And buying games. I haven't
bought any games for MONTHS.

What are all those parcels
you've been getting then?

Kickstarters I backed last
year. But that doesn't count;
I already spent that money.

[Panel 4]
And have you stopped
backing Kickstarters?

No, but that doesn't
count; I don't have
the games yet.

So basically Kickstarters don't
count as buying games at all?

NOW you've got it!

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