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[Panel 1]
As we thought. Harrogate's
definitely off now.

And the Birmingham people are
still talking about a "socially
distanced convention".

[Panel 2]
Pay more for fewer people?
Yeah, I can just see the
publishers going for that.

Still, we can
hope for Essen.

Essen, cautious greyed-
out exclamation mark.

[Panel 3]
At least we've got hotel
rooms that we don't have
to pay for if we can't go.

Always assuming we don't get
stopped at the French border.

[Panel 4]
Yes, we must make sure we
take Jaakko with us, somehow.

Does he speak
good French?

No, but he speaks very fluent
"if you don't let this guy
through he's going to cause
you All The Paperwork".

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