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[Panel 1]
Train strikes haven't
stopped the crowds.
Good to be in early.

I thought it was
quieter than
usual yesterday.

You were head down winning
that Xia game for hours.

[Panel 2]
You probably wouldn't have noticed
if the fire alarm had gone off.

Oh, I'm sure
I would.

Eventually I'd have
wondered why everyone
else wasn't taking
their turns.

[Panel 3]
Anyway, a bunch of us on
the booth crew are getting
together for supper at seven,
if you're interested.

Just tell me it isn't
more Swineherd and
Muckspreader Plastic

Jislaaik! No, an Indian place on
the other side of the airport.

[Panel 4]
Real food? I'm in.

Could be worse. Could
be Huge Franchise Tiny
Branch Double Prices.

When the venue's own staff are
praising the new Nando's across
the way, you know things are
pretty desperate.

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