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Elizabeth's Ma

[Panel 1]
# Elizabeth is on the phone.
Ma! Hi! Good to hear from you.
How's the Aged Parent?

[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]
Don't you be so disrespectful
about your loving father,
you young limb of Satan...
He's fine. Sends his love.

Mine back. I was meaning
to ring you, actually.
About Christmas...

[Panel 2]
I can get away
early on Friday.
I was thinking --
I could....

Oh dear. Darling, that's
what I rang about.

Would you mind VERY much
not coming down this year?

Ma! What's wrong?

[Panel 3]
Nothing like that. The thing
is, the A.P. has won a
ten-day Christmas break for
two in the company raffle.


And you know I've always
WANTED to go to Australia...

Of course you must go! I bet
you have a lovely time. And I'll be
fine, honestly -- neither of
my new housemates is going
away, so I won't be on my own.

[Panel 4]
[style thinks]
Blast! Bang goes Ma's
Medieval Christmas Dinner.

And I bet that bloke in the
market won't let me cancel
the goose now. Oh well, I
can cook it here, I suppose.

Hmmmm... I wonder what Nils
would look like in that
motley I got together for Pa?

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