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Bell's Mum

[Panel 1]
# Bell is on the phone.
[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4] we'll all go over to Aunt
May's for a kneesup on Christmas
Eve, and Uncle Jack can do his
Santa for the kiddies .... you
remember how you used to love
that, Bell?

yes mum...

[style thinks]
A quarter of a century ago, sure...

and of course on Christmas
Day they're coming to us
for lunch as usual, and
Auntie June and Uncle Derek
and the cousins as well...

[Panel 2]
yes mum, but...

aaaargh! that
means Kate!

... it'll be such fun for you to
see them all again, and you'll
never guess what! You remember
Uncle Robert?

All too bloody well,
dreadful old lush...

Well he's coming over from
Lanzarote just for the family

That does it!

[Panel 3]
yes mum, but...

he's going to stay over with us,
we'll have to work out where
he's going to sleep, but...

That's easy, mum --
he can have my old room.

But Bell! we thought you were ....

No, I'm sorry, I've been trying
to say, I can't. I've got to
work over Christmas.

Oh, what a shame! Your dad will
be so disappointed...

[Panel 4]
Another year, eh, Mum? It can't
be helped. I'll come up in the
new year some time instead...

# Shrink this one down to 50%
What about New Year's then?
Everybody will still be about

and there's no way old Nils
Scrooge can be as bloody awful
at Christmas as Uncle Robert!

In fact, I think I'll lay in enough booze
to get even Nils drunk, and maybe he'll
start to see reindeer on the roof.

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