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# in big shared room, or kitchen
[Panel 1]
I'm still knackered, and it
must be, what, less than an
hour before I go back in...

Urgh. Me too. The bastards called me
out at seven in the morning for a
knackered disc. That's why it's a
RAID, so you don't have to...

I didn't let them keep me on all night.

No way am I going to do 24-hour opening!

[Panel 2]
I suppose it's fair enough for
people to drink twenty-four
hours a day, but I can see it
isn't much fun for the bar-staff.

'Sright. Just like it's wonderful
for people to be able
to use their bank at seven in
the morning on a Bank Holiday....

But it's not much fun for me. Yeah.

What we need is jobs like
Elizabeth's. She only seems to work
when SHE wants to. Then we
could get enough sleep sometimes.

[Panel 3]
Yeahbut... Have you ever actually
seen her GO to sleep?

Funny you should mention that. She
was awake when I got in at four...

... and she was awake
when I left at seven ...

... and she's in the kitchen at
the moment doing something
obscure with cinnamon
and what she called a paste ...

[Panel 4]
# in main room by door
It's very good too. I got the
recipe out of the Forme of Cury.

So you've been cooking all day.
And all day yesterday you were
making yourself a costume for
some medieval event thing.

And you were up watching that
new episode of Cluster Edge
when I went to bed at two...

Elizabeth, do you ever sleep?

What, and waste time when
I could be reading?

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