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[Panel 1]
I was glad to see you two got all
the decorations down before
midnight on Twelfth Night.

Needed doing... Any particular
reason you were glad?

Oh, it's very bad luck to keep
them up after midnight.

They turn into imps and goblins and
torment you for the rest of the year.

[Panel 2]
Oh, come ON! That's just

Oh yah? They're like tokoloshes, then.

Not that I REALLY believe in
those. I don't put my bed on bricks
so they can't get me, anyway.

Oh, THAT'S why you have bricks
under the server cabinet!

[Panel 3]
What are we going to do with
the tree, though? Do the
dustmen take them round here?

I told you -- I'm going to have a braai.

Roast a wildebeeste whole? That
tree isn't big enough.

Maybe not, but Bell said
she knows someone over in
Upton Park with a goat.

[Panel 4]
I asked him about that, but he
won't let it go. He's rented it
out to the West Ham groundsmen.

To trim the grass?

No, he said something about
using it to keep rich Russians
out of the manager's office.

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