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[Panel 1]

That's better.

Yes, well, sorry about
the delay. I forgot you
didn't know the drill.

The fuss she makes you'd
think I was stealing them or
something. They are MY mugs.

[Panel 2]
All it means is that they
need to be put under a hot
shower for ten minutes....

Or hosed down in the yard
if they've gone critical.

You always exaggerate. I haven't
ever had one go for the throat.

That's because I put them
into a bath of bleach whilst
they're in captivity.

[Panel 3]
Oh, all those poor
little mycelia...

...but I don't
think I quite

How do you manage not to
notice thirty-seven coffee
mugs all round your room?

Genetic programming.

They're genetically

Oh, no, I meant MY
genetic programming.

He's got this theory...

[Panel 4]
It's perfectly scientific.
Goes back to the first
hunter-gatherer societies.

Men were hunters, so the
successful ones noticed
things moving. Women were
gatherers, so they noticed
things that DIDN'T move.

So if we had mice you'd notice
them and I wouldn't?

We'd notice them when they stood
still, he'd only notice them when
they ran across his feet.


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