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[Panel 1]
Anyhow, Nils' genetic theory
applies to the cat too.

Cats didn't evolve,
they were invented.

Who'd invent cats?

Other cats?

If they hadn't been invented
they couldn't invent... That
doesn't make any sense.

[Panel 2]
Cats don't have to make sense.

He's right. They behave
that way on purpose.

ANYway, as I was saying,
about the cat.

It sits there swaying
very slightly, and I don't
seem to notice it.

I bet if Nils is looking
it stays absolutely still.

[Panel 3]

We have a cat?

When did we get a cat?

Why do we have a cat?

I don't LIKE cats!

[Panel 4]
Me neither, but I suppose if
Elizabeth wants to keep a cat...

So long as she keeps it
out of the kitchen I
can put up with it.

Hang on a minute!
It's not MY cat!

You already had it
when I arrived.

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