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[Panel 1]
If it's not your cat,
and it isn't my cat...

Oh, no!

We've got cats the way
some people have mice!

Ah, c'mon, Bell -- we've got A cat.

How do you know there's
only one of it?

[Panel 2]
According to Nils' theory there
could be dozens of them, and as
long as they kept moving we
wouldn't notice them!

NILS!!! DO something!!!!

Stop panicking, woman. There
aren't any cats in here. If
they were sitting still
you'd see them, and if
they were moving I would.

Stop being logical and

[Panel 3]
[style 8way]

# leaving the room
If you insist.

My life, Bell! I didn't realise
you felt that way about cats.
What do you suppose he'll do?

I don't know and I don't care
I just want that cat out of here.

Oh! Poor cat! He's murdering it!

[Panel 4]
# in doorway
OK, Bell, you can relax;
it's dealt with.

I didn't mean you to KILL it...

I haven't.

I just took the cover off
Camille and left them
to discuss which was
the senior tenant.

Camille seems to have won.

[style 8way]


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