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[Panel 1]
There's another good thing about
the cafe out front...

Does it make up for them
being wholemeal-sandals-
and-veggieburger folk?

I'm ignoring that remark.

Probably the best thing to do with it.

[Panel 2]
He just doesn't think anything's
food unless it fights back.
Born to be a hunter on the
lo-o-o-one pra-a-ir-eeeeeee!

# {grum}
That would be
the veldt, woman!

No, the advantage is
that they don't deliver.

This is an advantage?

[Panel 3]
It is when you live
down an alley, round
a corner, through a
yard, and up a flight
of stairs that looks
like a fire-escape.

I hate to admit it, but she's right.

Sometimes the pizza delivery boys with
their little putt-putt bikes spend
half-an-hour going to and fro on the
road looking for this place.

That's a GOOD thing, of
course, because the pizza
is so late it's free.

[Panel 4]
Yeah, but it's stone cold.


Anyway, after the first few
times they notice.

But by then six new pizza
joints have opened...

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