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[Panel 1]
Well, maybe we shouldn't
be cooking just yet.

Anyway, if we do run out of
food you can always check
the Great Wall of Pizza.

Wouldn't that fall down or get
eaten by mice?

No, it's all on-line now. Just point your
web browser at great-wall-of-pizza.internal.

[Panel 2]
Web browser? I don't have a
computer here, you know...

No problem, I'm sure
I can make you one
from the bits box.

...and that's BY CHOICE.


[Panel 3]
Well, I think the original
delivery leaflets are still in
the drawer somewhere.

Erm... so which
ones would you

Never mind them, try the cafe
downstairs - they're open
when I get in from the pub.
Just don't ask them for meat.

[Panel 4]
Bunch of veggie wusses.

Screaming Death Pizza
is pretty good.

Yeahright. You're just impressed
because they made a chilli sauce
so hot you couldn't eat it.

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