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[Panel 1]
Break in here, will you?

I'll feed you to the cat.

Or the cheese.

[Panel 2]



Thought you were Up North.

[Panel 3]
I was.

One kid down with measles, the
others about to be. That'll teach
Auntie May not to get the MMR.

I knew if I stayed I'd get
sucked into nursing 'em.

But all the trains have
stopped for Christmas.

[Panel 4]
Hitch-hiked. Nice bloke in a
truck got me from Watford
Gap to the North Circular.

Talked a lot, though.

I can now tell you all the best
tranny caffs on A-roads
in the entire country,
AND which waitresses
are worth chatting up.

But he didn't even
buy me a coffee.

He didn't hold with
motorway services.



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