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[Panel 1]
Sometimes I worry more
than other times.

And is this one of the times?

Not especially.

So it's one of the others. Oh good.

[Panel 2]
Anyway, I thought it was
MY turn to worry this week.

Have you been looking at freecycle?

No, that's what Jaakko does
when he wants to worry.

I just think about the
probability of the earth
being hit by a large
meteor before it is
entirely engulfed in
ozone, or possibly the
other way round.


[Panel 3]
There's a bloke offering "a whole
unprocessed clipped fleece from a rare
breed Jacobs sheep from Devon"...

Oh, so you're being
worried by a dead sheep?

Not worried by a sheep, no. Worried
about how one ends up with a dead
sheep without PLANNING it.

[Panel 4]
It doesn't say it's dead.
It just says "fleece".

Nobody shears their sheep
in winter, do they? Not
even in this daft country.

So, um, somebody who's a freeman
of the City of London was driving
it over Westminster Bridge, when
it got hit by a bendy-bus.

Oh, now I get it.
And the fleece...

[Elizabeth] what they've got
left after the braai, yes.

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