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[Panel 1]
Why is there a brown
paper bag in the kitchen?

Mandi said it would help
ripen the pomegranate.

I know, but it's only got a
banana skin inside. I'd have thrown
it out, but I know you lot...

[Panel 2]
Where IS the pomegranate anyway? I
borrowed the big juicer from the pub.

We should get about a
thimble-full each.

By now, I reckon, inside the mice.

[Panel 3]
Or mouse.

How can you tell? They move so fast
you can't even be sure they exist,
never mind how many there are.

Very quantum. I can't.

[Panel 4]
Two, one fat dark grey one
and one slim white one.

But... how...?

I can see them as long as
they KEEP moving fast.

Such as, say, across the kitchen floor
and between the bins while bowling a
pomegranate with their little snoeties...

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