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[Panel 1]
No, nothing too drastic...

Elizabeth, we can manage
without you, you know!

We always used to...

Well, there was a minor egg crisis,
but she seems to have got over it.

I think she bought some.

[Panel 2]
Listen, I think I have
to go. There's a smell
I want to investigate.

That's why I was awake when you rang.

It woke me.

Give my love to your ma. Maybe she'll
invite me to eat there some time...

You have a good break.
See you in September.

[Panel 3]

Yeah? With you
in a minute...

I thought the cafe downstairs
didn't open on Sundays.

It doesn't.

There's a smell like real
food coming from somewhere...

What IS this?

[Panel 4]
Sunday Lunch.

Roast beef,
all the

I thought you
couldn't cook?

It's don't, not can't.
And this is an emergency.

Elizabeth won't be back for
at least another week, and
I am Fed Up with pizza.

Lekker! Now that's what
I CALL a breakfast!

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