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[Panel 1]
Damn and blast all computers.

Are you feeling all right?

Not really.

The replacement laptop died, and
they're dragging their feet about
getting me a new one.

[Panel 2]
So now you are laptop-free?

It means I have to sit
in front of one of the
house terminals to work.

Gosh, how terrible.
Whereas I have to take a
train half-way across town.

[Panel 3]
And I'm stuck here all
afternoon waiting for a
non-existent early drinker.

You don't understand.
I have to get OUT OF BED!

Aw, wozzems a diddums
wodger den den den?

AND I can't stay logged
on from the roof...

[Panel 4]
Haven't you got that pad thing?

Yeah, but that's not
a REAL Linux box...
no right or middle click...

What, you mean we have a roof
I could use for moonbathing?

You would tell me just
when it's getting cold...

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