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[Panel 1]

Should I ask?

I just went to join the local
library, so that I can get into
the on-line OED without paying.

So what went wrong?

[Panel 2]
Well, first off, it's not a library
any more, it's an "Idea Store".


And second off, it's all CDs
and DVDs and magazines and
computers and Learning
Courses and babysitting and


[Panel 3]
Did they have ANY books?

I found some eventually.

Turn right at the Net Station,
through the kinderpocalypse,

cut behind the foreign film DVDs,

then through the doors where it

Four whole shelves of them.

[Panel 4]
And one shelf was Family Sagas...

You know, I could
just sneak you
into work.

That doesn't get me the magic
number for the OED.

So I joined. Then they couldn't
read my shiny new card.

At least I know my barcode
scanner is better than theirs...

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