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# in Nils' room
[Panel 1]
[style rect]
Chronology of a hack

Hour 1

This donnering
program's a
piece of...
oh, sorry Bell.

No worries. Just,
um, could you keep
your voice down? I
was trying to listen
to some heavy metal.

Not if I have to keep
working with this thing.

I don't know how they
dare call this software.

In fact I think
I'll write my own...

[Panel 2]
Hour 2


OK, you want fewer peers,
but you're seeding...

So I'll trim out some
of the other seeds...

I'll just leave it here.

And if there are too many others
left, blot them out at random
until we're down to few enough...

[Panel 3]
Hour 3

Well, that passes all the
tests, and it's backed up...

Tea. Mm. Bit cold.

Hey, what's it doing being
midnight all of a sudden?

And where did that tea come from?

[Panel 4]
Next Morning

What do you mean,
people are USING it?

[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]
Apparently it's the only thing
to do that job that wasn't
written by monkeys on crack.

But, Jaakko, it was
only a few hours' work!

On top of how many years'
programming experience?

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