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[Panel 1]

And good evening to you too.

Also, damn and blast
all computers.

Hoi, some of my best
friends are computers.

[Panel 2]
Not that this will stop you
being first against the wall
when the robot revolution comes.

We will be spared...
the horror of survival.

Never mind that. Today all the
machines shut down because we
had too few review files left.


[Panel 3]
They're bits of the computer
where you store search
results and things.

But we only have 120 for
all the library staff,
and you have to empty
them when you've
finished with them.

Which nobody does?

And if too many get used...

Jislaaik, I could write
something better than that!

[Panel 4]
Oh, we could have more. If we
paid more. Which the bosses won't.

No, I mean they're
doing it all
wrong. They should
have 128 files.


It's a power of two, so
everyone would assume there
was some technical reason
for it and stop complaining.

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