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[Panel 1]
What's up?

Your drone, in the trees
down the road again?

No, I mean, I
can't help feeling
something's MISSING.

I think Elizabeth is off being
Muddy and Evil somewhere.

[Panel 2]
No, no, it's...

That's it! I haven't
had a braai for AGES!

True. I thought I'd
been eating sensibly
for a while.

I'll get onto
World of Goat and
see if I can get
a nice big haunch.

What, no wildebeest?

[Panel 3]
Nobody raises them in this country,
so you can't get 'em fresh.

It's probably the
climate. I expect
they all get
terminal foot-rot.

That doesn't stop the sheep!

Yes, but a sheep WANTS to die.

[Panel 4]
Be fair, it wants to
escape and then to die.

And if it can take
a farmer with it,
so much the better.

While dying of foot-rot?

They're only stupid the rest of
the time so that they can use
all of their brain cells to come
up with cunning omnicidal Plots.

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