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[Panel 1]

What's wrong?

I can't help it...


I'm so proud...

What, have you finally
trained Camille to fetch?

[Panel 2]
Oh, no, better than that.

I caught the
trying to hoover
up one of my ties.

It's got the
right idea at
last! We'll all
be murdered in
our beds!

Or maybe you dropped your tie
before you set the thing loose.

[Panel 3]
Don't spoil the moment.

Personally I'd rather
not be murdered in my
bed just yet. Sorry
if that spoils your
utopian vision.

Oh, that's all right.

The machines weren't
planning to consult you.

[Panel 4]
I've still got Grandpa's
tin hat, you know.

And what use will
a tin hat be
against the Robot

I could hit Spot with it... and
scream a bit... and jump up and
down... and hit Spot some more...

Oh all right, and die horribly.

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