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# in the pub
[Panel 1]
Oh, hi, Bell, would you -

- hang on -

Am I halluci-
nating again?

I have no idea! How many
pints can you see me pulling?

[Panel 2]
I thought you were Up
North for Christmas.

Mandi had a Crisis
and so Steve needed
emergency cover.

Nothing serious I hope?

Loved not wisely but
too well. Again.

I thought you'd have noticed that I
was still living in the house, though!

[Panel 3]
I did hear some crashing about, but
I assumed it was Camille. Or
Beatrice. Or the mice. Or the cat.

Does it ever occur to
you that we're just a
bit, well, INFESTED?

Not so much infested, more
that we could get a council
tax discount for being a
multiple occupancy dwelling.

[Panel 4]
If we could be bothered
to do the paperwork.

Well, there's
still nobody in
that bedroom
next to mine.

Except for all the boardgames and
spare bits of computer and...

Anyway, the pattering of tiny
cheesy pseudopods gives the
place a sort of, I don't
know, warm friendly feeling.

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