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[Panel 1]
And that was the last of your patrol
boats. You're all sunk. I win.

Er, not quite yet. Remember
my torpedoes? They are
still looking for targets.

[Panel 2]

So that is... three hits on
Nikolayev, two on Otlichny, and I
think that means they are both
sunk. Major victory to me.

But you are all DEAD!

Our boats are sunk, yes. Some
of us have probably survived.

[Panel 3]
But the point is we did our jobs.
Your invasion fleet has lost two
big ships and had one damaged. Our
dead can drink in Valhalla with
pride this night!



All right?

[Panel 4]
I thought Valhalla was vikings?

I was playing the
Norwegian navy.

Thinking of
which, I bet
the pub is
open by now.

But they won't have mead.

Beer and vodka will do.
Anyway, let me tell you
just where you went wrong...

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