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[Panel 1]
I'm just saying it's
not what I EXPECT.

Long train trip, come up the
stairs carrying my luggage, and
then not only does the robot
get underfoot but it has an
extra-smelly cheese on top.

[Panel 2]
I can see how that would
be a bit disconcerting.

And you don't find
this at all odd?

Well, it all makes sense the
way Nils explained it. I mean,
on the one hand the cheese
can't move around on its own...

[Panel 3]
And on the other hand the
robot isn't smart enough on
ITS own to... kill... everybody...


Well it made sense at
the TIME, all right?

[Panel 4]
I'm sure it did. Let me just check
something. Pint of Foster's?


Good, you're still MOSTLY you.

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