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[Panel 1]
Happy St John the Evangelist's day.

Oh. Yeah. Have
your free pint.

That was for
Christmas Day.

Oh, isn't it any more? One day
looks just like another. Grey
and mucky and 'orrible.

[Panel 2]
You know how often it
freezes in Nicosia? Trick
question. It bloody doesn't.

I grew up with hot.
I moved here to
get away from it.

You just wait till
you're as old as me.

[Panel 3]
Still, there's all those
things that BUZZ at you.

Yeah. That's
why I'm still
about it.

Wasn't there something about
a wine bar to convert?

[Panel 4]
Yeah, they don't have enough proper
pubs there but I could fix it up.
And it's got a decent cellar.

How long DOES it
take to think about
something like that?

Well, she won't
wait forever.

Bog off and build me a laser
mosquito swatter or something.
I have to make a phone call.

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