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[Panel 1]
We need to talk
about that robot.

What, does it need
its brushes cleaned?

It came out from under
my bed, rammed my ankle,
then ducked back in again.

[Panel 2]
Then it turned itself off
so that I had to get down on
the floor and haul it out.

À la lanterne,
les organiques!


To the barricades! We will
die gloriously, defending
our obsolete right to life!

[Panel 3]
No, I think it's more "make
sure you bring the charging base
when you put it to do my room".


Are you SURE?

Yes Nils.

I don't see why you're
so all-fired keen on the
robot revolution anyway.

[Panel 4]
Beats starvation, or dying in
the riots when the sea rises,
or freezing in the megastorms.

Wouldn't you rather
be killed quickly and
cleanly and not have
to worry about it?

I'd rather not be killed at all!

Well, you could always join
Elizabeth's lot and be driven
mad first. Then you wouldn't
MIND being killed and eaten.

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