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[Panel 1]
And then he said dying in a
robot revolution was better than
riots and starvation and so on.

Well, I do see
his point. But
some of the
will be very


Are they not expecting the Rapture?

Not that they would get that
anyhow when fimbulvetr comes.

[Panel 2]
Except the ones who think
it's already happened
and they missed it.

Overslept? Could
be embarrassing.

Mostly they seem to tell me
how bad it would be to live
in a world without them in it.

(Actually that does
not seem so very bad.)

[Panel 3]
I don't see why you couldn't
combine them anyway.

Take all the premillenials
off to what they think is
heaven, and replace them with
robots that lurch around
going "kill all humans".

Ah, they're
playing my... oh,
hi Elizabeth.

But what if the robots
get raptured too?

[Panel 4]
I suspect scripture may be
silent on that subject.

If scripture had something
to say about robots, a lot
more people would believe it.

What do you reckon, Nils -
do robots have souls?

Only if they're running
open-source software.

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