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[Panel 1]
Is that your debris in the big room?

I don't know. What
does it look like?

Little cards saying things like
"blast pipe" and "arachnolegs".

[Panel 2]
Oh, right. I was having a quick
game with Nils last night,
but he needed sleep so we're
finishing later. Is it in the way?

Only of my train of thought.

I don't THINK there
are any trains in it.

[Panel 3]
I don't even want to consider train
wars at this time of the morning.

Ah, the leviathans of the west!

Armed and powered as
only a steam locomotive
can be armed and powered...


[Panel 4]
Um, there there, and have
you got the gin in for the
madrigal circle tonight?

Yes. And the mild.

And the Hungarian
rosehip brandy.

You know, sometimes I wonder how
you have time for any singing....

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