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[Panel 1]

Poor baby. Con
crud from the
boardgames show?

Yur. And I was good and
washed my hands and all that.

[Panel 2]
You ate the hotel food though.

I couldn't help
it, I was hungry!

You should know better
by now. Bring your own
sandwiches next time.

[Panel 3]
But then the hotel gets all peevish.
If they can't screw us on
overpriced food, they might have to
try to make a profit just on room
rates and the meeting spaces.

As no hotel has ever managed.

[Panel 4]
Well, not that place. I can't
see why anyone would stay there
if they didn't have an event on.

Fans of late-sixties
Soviet-style concrete?
I'm sure they're out there.

I could introduce you
to three of them…

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