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[Panel 1]
It's got serious now.
They've closed the library.

Which means I'm going
to have to store some
of the books here again.

Isn't having room to store
books what a library DOES?

[Panel 2]
It could be weeks. I don't
trust them on their own.

Well, as long
as they all fit
in your room.

Oh, yes. No problem.

[Panel 3]
With the pub closed, I
might as well haul some of
the spirits over here too.

I'll help!

Er, before I bring the
books back, neither of you
suffers from nightmares,
hallucinations, psychotic
episodes, anything like that?

[Panel 4]
Only when I read the news.


Well, just in caseā€¦ if you start,
come and find me, or if I'm not
there drink lots of coffee and
don't sleep clowns will get you.

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