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[Panel 1]
Doing all right with
the latest rules?

Could have been worse.
At least I can still
keep the pub open.
Till ten, anyway.

I do wonder… if nobody came
in after that it wouldn't make
any difference to the disease.
So who goes INTO a pub just
an hour before closing time?

[Panel 2]
People who'd be better off
in a nightclub, or at least a
pub that isn't mine. Thrown
out. Doing a pub crawl.

Or they tanked up at home but
still want the company to
prove they aren't alcoholics.

[Panel 3]
Well, I suppose if
you WANT to be drunk…

Still, it's all good
for the economy.

You'd think they'd bypass the shops
and bars and stuff and just
extract people's money directly.

[Panel 4]
Amazon and Netflix, you mean?

Only paying actual tax.

Oh come on, haven't you heard?
Nobody pays tax any more. It
only gets spent on poor people.

Or on huge contracts for
software that doesn't work, but
they fired everyone who knows
one end of a keyboard from
the other so they can't tell…

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