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[Panel 1]
I miss my pub!

So do I.

Elizabeth says
she's doing all right
in the Library.

Hope she took enough medlar brandy.
It's been that sort of week.

[Panel 2]
She said she was going to
try to get the madrigal
singers together online…

Aie! The lag!

So it'll have to be 80%
drinking and 20% singing
rather than the usual 60-40.

[Panel 3]
When do they even have TIME
to summon eldritch horrors?

I think that's more of
a hobby, between the
important stuff.

And now she's living in that
library with thousands of books…

[Panel 4]
You know what this might mean?


I'll take "the premature crow’s
feet which come from the
exercise of an intense will"…

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