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[Panel 1]

There there. Pub
on Wednesday.

Whatever rules we'll
be under by then.

More plague than the Isle
of Wight, but somehow less
than any other city.

[Panel 2]
Anyway. I've stocked up
on masks. Beer's arriving
tomorrow so that it has
time to settle. Food
turns up on Tuesday.

And then it all starts again.
Cases rise, panic panic, next
shutdown… New Year, do you reckon?

[Panel 3]
Plus a week or so. Got to have
the New Year parties, then be
completely surprised when
people get infected at them.

At least this year I don't
have to fail to organise
a work Christmas party.

Spare a thought for
the poor publican!

[Panel 4]
Oh, we'll all be drinking
in there anyway. It just
won't be an Official Party.

If you can promise you won't
have the bosses on the nasty
wine and the middle managers on
the nasty lager, that gives me
more room for the good stuff…

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