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[Panel 1]
Pub, dammit! I just had the
place up and running again.

SO much more important
that schools stayed open.

Close alle the tauernes, theatres
and other Lowe Places thatte this
Curse may be lifted from us!

[Panel 2]
And meanwhile the virus is
apparently taking Christmas off.

Except here
and in the
home counties.

Harinder and Variam at the
corner shop are going to be
swamped. About the only place
round here that IS essential.

Christmas Bubbles. I ask you.
Every time I think they've
plumbed the depths of idiocy…

[Panel 3]
All must celebrate a proper
Victorian Christmas! The whole
family gathered round the fire,
waiting to find out which of
them Daddy's going to sell
to the dogfood factory.

And catch up with London
rates of infection just as all
the supply chains collapse
because of That Thing.

Are you saying I should get
out my leather and spikes?

[Panel 4]
No, there's only room for one
dread warlord of the post-
apocalyptic hellscape round here.

And Ginny's
got the job.

…fair, I can't think
of anyone else who'd
do it better.

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