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[Panel 1]
So that was 2020.

Yeah, I'm ranked
number five worldwide
at Letter Monopolist!

Poor books, sitting there with
nobody to wander through the stacks
with inadequate rations and a
too-Euclidean sense of direction…

[Panel 2]
Aren't they usually
alone over Christmas?

Yes, but usually
I COULD go and see
them if I liked.

And usually I'd choose to
stay here, but now I HAVE to.

[Panel 3]
At least it wouldn't look
so VERY different if we
could do what we wanted.

I mean, there are
people doing
Christmas with just
their households for
the first time ever.

I heard a couple in Tesbury's
working out that they didn't have
to buy a tin of the nasty chocolates
that only Granny likes 'cos Granny
won't be there, so they could get
nice ones instead. Sort of laughing
and crying at the same time.

[Panel 4]
And the panic buying
doesn't seem to be too bad.

Why would you be panic
buying now when you've
had YEARS to stock
up for next week?

Not everyone has space for an attic
full of flour, rice and Spam…

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