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[Panel 1]
You know what they call this sort
of restriction in northern Finland?

At a guess, they have
ten different words for
it, all of them obscene.

"Winter." I mean, they're used
to it, they do it every year.
How do THEY manage it?

[Panel 2]
Drinking heavily?

There's that.

They don't even have their news
programme in Latin any more.

[Panel 3]
Surely there's something
more to it than…

Hello! Can't stop,
just need some
more energy drinks.

When did you last sleep?
Note who is asking you this.

[Panel 4]
No time! I've got ten games
of Letter Monopolist on the
go, and I'm running an Onitama
tournament, and then there's
the Transhuman Space game, and…

Well, I
that's one

But I don't WANT
to be Nils!

Give it a try. I'd recommend it.

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