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[Panel 1]
Do you know what Nils is up to?
He's been wandering around
looking more vague than usual.

Someone told him
the Science Museum
was being used as
a vaccination hub.

should have it there.

[Panel 2]
But he can't apply yet, so he
doesn't know if they'll make
him go somewhere more local.

Or maybe by the time they
get round to us they'll have
shut it down again like
the emergency hospitals.

Still, at least they ought
to have needles tough enough
to get through his skin.

[Panel 3]
Like a dinosaur's?

Different museum. Just
next door though.

Geological might have
some rock drills
they could borrow.

You'd think with all
the other stuff going
on he'd find something
else to worry about.

[Panel 4]
Did you know he
can't go home again?


They renamed
his hometown.

And he can't even
SPELL Gqeberha.

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