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[Panel 1]
Heard from Jaakko lately?

He's still charging
all over London
"getting outdoor

And planning games nights for when
we can have games nights again.

[Panel 2]
Ginny said she was in her garage
cleaning up the pig-roasting
trailer. Lots of people are
going to want a short-notice
outdoor event, she reckons.

Makes sense. I
could do with a
pig-in-a-bun myself.

But I won't be able to help
her much, not if I've got a pub
to get off the ground again.

[Panel 3]
Surely you want it to be fixed
TO the ground, so when people
have had eleventeen pints and
the room starts to wobble at
least they know it's them?

Can't afford the helium anyway.
BUT you were saying you
can't get the insurance for
the fireworks any more…

[Panel 4]
Turns out that they all know Jaakko
now. Hang on, are you saying…?

And I don't think she
could afford to pay
you very much, but…

Large scale braai-ing?
I'm in like a leech. She
can pay me in leftovers.

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