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[Panel 1]
You seem concerned.
Tentacle shortage?

The University is trying
to get us back on the
site again. They did a
survey and everything.

I thought you LIKED
being among the books?

[Panel 2]
I do. But most of the staff just
sit behind their computers all
day pretending to work, and they
can do that just as well at home.

With less of the
constant whispering.

Aren't you worried that
it'll get to you some day?

[Panel 3]
[bordercolour red]
[bodycolour black]
[textcolour white]
Ogthrod ai'f geb'l—ee'h
Yog-Sothoth ‘ngah'ng ai'y zhro!

you make a convincing
argument and may i have
my mind back now please?

[bordercolour black]
[bodycolour white]
[textcolour black]
But I am concerned that
they're going to be forced
back before it's safe.

[Panel 4]
That's all right, come the
next outbreak we'll have some
more panicky restrictions.

And close the
pubs of course.

Perhaps I should go
and sneeze on Jaakko.

I don't think that would be
safe, sane OR consensual.

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