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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
In Essen

Ah, there you are!
I lost you around
closing time.

The War Librarians people
hauled me off to their party.

[Panel 2]
Ah. Not envious at all.

Well, of course not.
You aren't the sort to
drink homebrew quince
rakija all evening.


[Panel 3]
And all I could do was eat
kebabs and drink beer and
play other people's new games
until they poured me into a
taxi at the end of the night.

Poor Nils I'm
sure you HATED it.

However will I recover?

[Panel 4]
At a guess, buy the best of
the games you played last night,
and stow them in the car?

You make it
sound so… easy.

Your challenge today: conduct
all your purchases in Serbian.

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