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[Panel 1]
So my Hammer Knight
attacks, you can't
block, and it does
five damage. How much
did you have left?

Er… four. It's a man's
life in the Phoenixborn.

Are you two STILL playing
games? I'd have thought
you'd have had enough
of that in Germany.

[Panel 2]
But in Germany we
barely played
games at all!

What, at the
largest games fair
in the world?

Well, just demonstration
games. And prototypes.

[Panel 3]
And that man with
the placards. At
least I think it
was a game. He only
spoke Slovenian.

Either that or you
were demonstrating
for something.

Or against something.
Common sense, for example.

[Panel 4]
Not a chance.

True, it's a bit
late for you lot.

ANYBODY can do common sense.
It takes an expert to be an idiot.

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