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[Panel 1]
Morning Nils. How's the
AI-pocalypse coming along?

Oh, fine, fine. How
are you doing making
the Stars Right?

The Great Work… oh, whom am I
trying to fool? By the time we
work out all the details of the
Last Ritual, there won't be enough
people left alive to speak it.

[Panel 2]
And there's no point in a
robot rebellion if the humans
have all died of war and
plague and sea level rise.

You realise
what this means?

We're going to have to save the
world in order to destroy it.

[Panel 3]
That's the badger. Fix things
up so that we can break
civilisation PROPERLY.

Either that or…

I hope you've
got an alternative
that'll be less work.

[Panel 4]
Teach the woodlouse successor
civilisation to build robots.

AND worship the
Great Old Ones.

Still less work than
fixing what we've got…

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