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[Panel 1]
Oh good, you're here. Can you do
mediaeval cooking in a kitchen, or
does it need a trailer?

Depends on what it is.

Whole roast pig
could be a challenge.

[Panel 2]
Good. Now that it's dark by
the time they leave work, I
need an Event to remind
people to come to the Rose
rather than scurrying home.

Er, I do have books
to soothe all day…

But you like having a pub that gets
in metheglin for you, don't you?

[Panel 3]
You make a strong argument.

Anyway, once you've
shown Mandi and
Citz and me how to
do it, we can carry
on without you.

Tutoring would be Extra.
I mean, how can I sell
you farts if you can
make them yourselves?

Well, what do you want then?

[Panel 4]
I know we're all supposed to be
climbing over each other to get
to the top of the pile these
days but my heart's just not
in this negotiation thing.

I could let your
madrigal group have
the upstairs room
on Wednesday nights?

With what you lot drink
I'll make a profit anyway.

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